HCDAO Make It Right!

About this Project
Make It Right! is a HCDAO program to help you clean up your record.
Creative • Website Design • Strategy Development • Automation • Email Campaign • Social Media


Make It Right! is a HCDAO program to help you clean up your record by getting outstanding warrants removed and pending cases resolved for FREE and NO risk of arrest.  This program is typically a one-day, in-person event.  Rukaz served as the event production team and website developers and transition the event from a one-day, in-person experience to a 5 day online program.

The event included The Second Chance Job Fair which highlights opportunities with 2nd Chance friendly employers.  The virtual Job Fair provided opportunities for those who have made mistakes in the past, including nonviolent ex-felons, and are in need of a second chance.  

Rukaz also created a simple communication strategy.  The tone of the campaign was factual, friendly and approachable, followed by the solution: make it right! helps you clean up those mistakes so you can rewrite your future. our main message:


The HCDAO Make It Right!'s event 2020 was held at the Geroge R Brown Center.
When COVID restrictions came into effect the HCDAO asked us to manage and generate the creative design, marketing and execution of the project as a digital event.
We generated a design guide, poster and web site mockups.
We generated the email communication and automation for processing applicants saved time on manpower and staff.
The Rukaz Digital Team built out the go-live site and launched within a short timeline on time, The platform and technology choices handled large spikes in visitor application, visually scaled to work on any screen size and was low bandwidth friendly.
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